Brighton Family Foot Care | Diabetic Care
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Diabetic Care

At Brighton Family Foot Care we offer Diabetic Wound Care in our office, no need to travel to another facility. We provide outstanding care as a Foot Care Center of Excellence.

Offering Comprehensive Diabetic Services:

  • Complete wound care needs: from treatment of wounds to offloading braces
  • Wound care product dispensing at little or no cost to you (direct billing to insurance)
  • Custom diabetic shoes and custom diabetic insoles
  • Custom and over the counter offloading braces
  • On-site vascular testing
  • On-site ultrasound wound mapping
  • Next day laboratory testing for infections
  • Three day pathology testing for abnormal skin lesions
  • On-site biopsies
  • On-site surgery
  • On-site wound care clinic
  • On-site digital x-rays